Starting Anew

A sort of place holder until I find the time to write out a full post. But here I’ll be chronicling my journey as I revamp my life – health, work, living. This includes getting into a safe and healthy weight range, focusing all my energy on the bakery, and planning/designing and, eventually, building a tiny house. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Starting Anew

  1. I also live in the Jacksonville area & I’m planning a tiny house. We spoke briefly on the Tiny House FB page. I’d like to follow your blog because we are trying to find balance in the same areas & might have a few things in common. It’s nice to see another perspective.

    • Hi, Kimberly! Thanks for the follow! It’s awesome seeing another local person – how exciting. If you’d ever like to get together to chat tiny houses, I’m all up for it. šŸ™‚

      • Sounds great! Anytime. Are you drafting your own plans for a tiny house or are you going through a company. I have a lot of great ideas & have sketched some of them out but would feel more confident with a professional that will listen to them.

      • Hi, Kimberly! Sorry for the delay in replying – I hadn’t realized you’d left another message. Oops!

        I’m designing my own house but will probably have a professional (or at least someone who knows about construction) look over them for me before I start.

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